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What is TASC about?

The composition of classrooms is becoming gradually more diverse and nowadays bring together a wide range of students with different cultural, family and social backgrounds, increasing numbers of students in classrooms and the presence of diverse talents and learning difficulties/barriers create a complex environment, with emotional and behavioural problems which teachers find quite difficult to cope with. Teaching is becoming more difficult, due to these issues and complex situations, and has an impact on student’s learning processes and academic achievements, which can add on more pressure to the school and classroom climate.

In this context, secondary education institutions have a need for strategies, methods and tools to improve schools climate, increase respect for teachers and peers and reduce/resolve situations related to violence, bullying or absenteeism. An improved school/classroom climate has shown to have a positive effect on academic results. Schools (and teachers/educational staff) need to be able to improve the climate form a perspective of empowerment, respect, conflict resolution, empathy, and increased engagement. They also need to be able to involve their students as active players in this process.

TASC provides teachers, educational staff and school managers with the skills, competences and knowledge on how to handle conflict and challenging situations at school and how to manage their classroom efficiently.They will be able to address issues related to school/classroom climate through the implementation of the right approach or solution in a specific situation or context. As such they will be prepared to analyse the situation/context and select the most appropriate approach, action or solution, and do this taking into account the particularities of their students (e.g. with regards to age, family circumstances, classroom size, etc.) and the best moment to apply them (during a class, or extra-curricular activities for example).

In a school environment which is based upon mutual respect and trust, both teachers and students are more motivated and better academic results are achieved. This contributes to the reduction of dropout.

TASC main aim is thus to create a learning programme for teachers, educational support staff and school managers, that provides them with the knowledge, skills and competences to enhance and improve the climate in their classrooms. They will also acquire the knowledge and skills to approach this challenge in a strategic and coherent way, not only by applying the right actions, solutions or activity in a particular situation, but as a strategic and comprehensive programme across the whole school.


In this section you can download in zipped format all the resources to start studying and working with TASC in your school and your classes.
In MINDSET you can find the introduction to the TASC philosophical and theoretical framework and the teaching methodology.
In TOOLS you can find an overview of the countless practices that can be applied at school, between teachers, and between teachers and students to improve climates and feel good among people.
In STRATEGY you can find the Handbook that helps you start applying TASC ideas to your school in an efficient and strategic way


Acquire the skills and competences which will help you to improve the climate in your classroom or school in our TASC Training, and engage the students in this change process.



Want to get the know the tools, exercise, assignments and activities you can use to make this change happen? Then check out the ones we have selected for you in our TASC Toolkit.

Download the TASC TOOLKITS for TEACHERS and STUDENTS, the TEMPLATES and EXAMPLES, the list of LOCAL RESOURCES and the TESTIMONIALS on the efficacy of the TASC method.
(NOTE: To have access to the complete documents, it is sufficient, if you have the digital version, to click on the QRcodes present in the reference pages. If, on the other hand, you have the paper version, it is possible to use the QRcodes to view the same in-depth documents on a mobile device).


Interested in approaching the challenges related to school climate in a strategic manner across the whole school, then our TASC Strategy Handbook is for you.

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