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Who is behind TASC

The partners provide complementary expertise on problems and challenges in secondary education (conflict, violence, abuse, absenteeism, early drop out, etc.) and potential solutions and tools to resolve these such as conflict resolution, group dynamics, narrative techniques, positive psychology, etc., covering different areas of Europe.

There is a balance between educational institutions searching to improve the quality of everyday school life and address the challenges mentioned and those that provide the expert knowledge on activities, tools and solutions that can help overcome or reduce the impact of these challenges.

Our Partners

The Autonomous Province of Trento (PAT) is a self-governing province with broad legislative and administrative capabilities in many fields and also in the educational sector.

The Department of Education and Culture is responsible for the improvement and modernization of the research, educational and school system in the province.

It provides actions for the development and the innovation of the provincial school and training system, taking care of the pedagogical and didactic aspects; teachers and staff training; advice and counselling to schools for innovation of the school system.

Thanks to strong investment and a forward-thinking policy, the Trentino school system ranks at the top in international students’ competencies assessment such as OECD PISA and at the Italian level but also in the international ranking.

EOLAS S.L. offers services and support to enterprises, organisations and entities in 3 main areas, for a wide range of demands and needs from support for projects, business development and consulting to innovation.

We support the envisaging, designing and implementation of innovation processes in all types of organisations and in different contexts.

Educational innovation is one of the key areas we focus on. Co-creation, creativity techniques, narrative techniques and knowledge generation and management are only a few of the methods we apply in our aim of making educational organisations more innovative and reach a higher and more long-lasting impact.

Associazione Culturale RHIZOMA is a non-profit organization aiming to spread and disseminate the ideas and principles of postmodernist, post-structuralist and social-constructivist epistemologies in psychology, medicine, pedagogy, and social work by promoting development of communities and facilitate change and educational processes throughout Italy and EU territories.

RHIZOMA’s activities rely on the expertise of its members, who have years of experience in Solution Focused and Narrative therapy, coaching and social work and work at national and international level by applying their professional knowledge and skills in different fields.

Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) is the public institution implementing liberal arts study policy, based on a commitment to foster a liberal and democratic learning environment, emphasising the importance of aesthetics, honesty, tolerance and independent thought. VMU is currently conducting about 100 projects in the fields of biotechnology, biophysics, technology law, education, sociology, philosophy, computational linguistics, language acquisition and bilingualism, creative industries, and others.

VMU works with many universities and scientists around the globe, implementing projects, student and employee exchanges. It is an international and multilingual institution that continuously develops international networks and intercultural dialogues, participates in international scientific, academic and social projects, encourages lecturer and student mobility, and promotes dialogue and tolerance.

Elazığ Marmara Vocational Technical Anatolian High School is a private vocational high school financially supported by the state.

The importance of vocational education has been given great importance by the Ministry of National Education in Turkey in recent years and we continue our activities to support this approach. New education policies, new working ideas, new teaching and learning technics, and all innovations for education are important to us and we are trying to improve them.

Our mission is to provide the necessary support to vocational education with 1020 students and 75 teachers. With our education in the field of renewable energy, we aim to both discuss global problems and present creative methods, knowledge and analytical approaches to new generations.

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