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Welcome to TASC

Welcome to TASC

Teachers And Students improving school Climate together.

This is a space for all those secondary education teachers and educational staff, that want to improve the climate in their classroom and school, and empower their students to become part of this process. TASC will help to select the right approach or solution or a specific situation or context, taking into account the particularities of their students (e.g. with regards to age, family circumstances, classroom size, etc.) and the best moment to apply them (during a class, or extra-curricular activities for example).

Our mission:

“TASC provides secondary education teachers, educational (support) staff and school managers, with the (empathic) knowledge and skills, as well as innovative tools to empower them to design and implement creative solutions and actions that influence the climate in their classroom and school in a positive way”.

Our values:

Creative solutions

TASC aims to find and explore in a creative way solutions that work for improving the classroom and school climate, while at the same time taking into account the impact of on-line education on these processes


TASC empowers school managers, teachers and educational (support) staff to design and implement innovative and pragmatic approaches to improving classroom and school climate. At the same time TASC gives them the knowledge, skills and competences to empower their students to become active players in these processes

Positive change

TASC aims to changing in a positive way the culture of a school, and change in a positive way the climate in both in the classroom, as well as across the whole school


TASC address the challenges related to improving classroom and school climate from an empathic perspective, i.e. being curious about the emotional status of all involved in the process and engaging in an open dialogue with all parties affected


Coming to you soon in 2022


Acquire the skills and competences which will help you to improve the climate in your classroom or school in our TASC Training, and engage the students in this change process.


Want to get the know the tools, exercise, assignments and activities you can use to make this change happen? Then check out the ones we have selected for you in our TASC Toolkit.


Interested in approaching the challenges related to school climate in a strategic manner across the whole school, then our TASC Strategy Handbook is for you.

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